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Road Trip Eats: Gospel Brunch at Stubb's Bar-B-Q

We took a little break for the last few weeks because we wanted to spend time with family over the holidays. We were also busy finding one of the coolest spots in Austin, Texas...a city that isn't exactly lacking in hip venues. We know that Austin is a little more "Southwest" than "South" but a city that prides itself in BBQ and live music is a city that we can get behind.

Stubb's Bar-B-Q. A brand of sauce you probably recognize, they're based out of Austin, TX. But this location isn't some gimmicky restaurant that attracts tourists. Part restaurant, part bar, part concert venue, this place oozes with that signature Austin quirky-cool. They host shows in the attached outdoor venue, as well as inside in their stage area downstairs. On Sundays, they host a "Gospel Brunch" throughout the morning and afternoon. A spin on the traditional "Jazz Brunch" of New Orleans, this brunch includes live gospel music while you dine on brisket and breakfast tacos.

Did I mention that this was a brunch buffet? Oh yes. All-you-can-eat Texas goodness while servers bring you your cocktail(s) of choice. If you've previously had a rough night this might be the best cure for a hangover.

What's that? You want another shot of this mouthwatering plate of the best two sides of the Texas coin. Tex-Mex and BBQ? Okay, fine. Here's another one.

As you can see from the shots above, there's enchiladas, build you own breakfast tacos, and some pretty delicious brisket and sausage from a carving station. To be honest we couldn't tell you why we got bacon in addition to the sausage and brisket, but maybe it's just a reflex when we go through a breakfast buffet. Our recommendation would be to focus on the BBQ and Tex-Mex items since that's what Austin is all about.

If you're headed to Austin definitely make a reservation for Gospel Brunch some time in advance. It's not like a normal restaurant where you are continually seated, there's a big seating every couple of hours since it's essentially breakfast and a show. We made a reservation to sit near the stage since we wanted to me near the action. While everyone gets settled and orders their drinks (the wait/bar staff are nothing but friendly and awesome) there's some light music. And then, the singers take the stage and your brunch is elevated.

These women (and the "pastor") can SING. Enjoy your brunch then let them take you to church. It was the absolute highlight of our trip because of the delicious food and lively atmosphere. In a world where brunch has become a stereotype of hungover yuppies indulging in over-priced eggs, this experience led us to believe that brunch is still a holy meal gifted to us from the heavens.

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